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Alumni in the Spotlight

Read interviews with alumni and find out what they have been doing since graduating from NYP! If you would like to share your story with fellow alumni and be featured in Alumni Spotlight, drop us an email and we will be in touch with you.

Zoe Chua Michelle Vong
Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)
I started volunteering in 2013 with NYP's Community Service Club and have invested much time and effort in building long-term relationships with some of the seniors at the organization I volunteer at.

Zoe Chua Jacob Ng
Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)
My volunteering journey started during my secondary school days when I organised and participated in befriending activities. After I have completed my secondary education, I continued volunteering my services through NYP Community Service Club.
Annie Lim Annie Lim
Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
Hello! I’m Annie Lim. I have always loved being around young children so I joined the pre-school industry as an early childhood educator. An encounter with a child with special needs ignited my passion to work in the field of special needs education so i went on to train as an Allied Educator with MOE. I now provide intervention support to students with mild special educational needs so that they can integrate well into the classrooms.

Jasper Chan Jasper Chan
Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
Hello! I'm Jasper Chan. My keen interest in Science started when I studied Chemistry and Physics in secondary school which led me to pursue Molecular Biotechnology in NYP. Upon graduation and after completing NS, I went on to teach Science in a Primary School before venturing into business. I'm currently running Mosanco Pte Ltd., a company that creates, formulates and distributes products that enhance the quality of human health.
Zoe Chua Zoe Cai
Diploma in Financial Services


Hello! I’m Zoe Cai. I did my Diploma in Financial Services in the School of Business at NYP. I graduated in 2005. The biggest take away from my alma mater is the 'prep' I received from the internship that I did during my studies. It helped me better understand the corporate world when I started working after graduation. But my passion had always been in Art.


Nurul Jasmin Nurul Jasmin
Diploma in Multimedia and Infocomm Technology


Hello! I'm Nurul Jasmin. I sent over 70 job applications after graduation and only secured five job interviews. I did not expect that it would be so challenging to secure a job as a fresh graduate. It did not cross my mind to seek help from a Career Coach, but I found out about Careers Connect through a relative and decided there was no harm in giving it a try.





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